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All orders require a $500 non-refundable deposit. Upon beginning construction, I require the balance to be brought to 50% of the entire cost. Upon completion and prior to shipping, the remaining 50% is required. The cost of the instrument does not include the cost of the case, shipping, or customs duties required in your particular country. There are no refunds. In case you are not satisfied with your instrument I am willing to make one replacement instrument that would be placed on the waiting list as a new order with a waiting period. You will be responsible for all costs involved in returning the instrument. I am doing my best to build you a quality handmade instrument but I do not guarantee any deadlines.

Price of instrument does not include case and shipping, which is FOB. I will ask for an additional deposit if and when we order an instrument case from Kingham, if you want me to handle that transaction.

Terms and Conditions 


All instruments are strung in either plain nylon or Aquilla nylgut and overspun strings. Additional cost for any custom strings.


I recommend “Kingham MTM” made-to-measure cases to protect your investment. These are beautiful cases that both safeguard and complement your instrument. I have a close relationship with Kingham, which is based in the United Kingdom, and can ensure that they build a case that best fits your instrument. We want to be sure to order the case well enough in advance so that I receive it in time to ship with the instrument. Cost of cases will vary on instrument type and rate exchange and is additional to the cost of the instrument (approximate range $350.00-$700.00). 

Shipping and Handling 

I ship only Federal Express Priority with appropriate insurance throughout U.S.A. and overseas.

At the time of your order/inquiry there may be changes in the models and details offered by me on this website as well as in the availability of certain materials used in the construction of these instruments.

Please check with me for the latest updates before ordering.

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