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*My instruments start at $5,000 and currently my waiting list is 30-36 months long

In case of an excessive inflation of the US dollar, inflation increases beyond 3% from the time of the order to the time of completion and delivery of the instrument, the final product price and balance owed will be adjusted accordingly.

New Recordings featuring my instruments!

Rions Noir - Ratas del viejo Mundo

Laurent de Saint-Luc - Evangelina Mascardi Luth


New! 14 Course Liuto Attiorbato 67-120cm

New! 4 Course Renaissance Guitar 55cm vaulted back in Morado

New! 14 C Swan neck Baroque lute 72.5103 cm for Evangelina Mascardi 2020

New! 7 Course Renaissance Lute in G - 58 cm

New! 14 C Liuto Attiorbato with Ziricote back 59-95 cm

New! 8C English Shaded Yew alto lute

New! 5 Course Baroque guitar after Alexandre Voboam

New! The No Darkwoods Lute A 7 Course Mateus model

New! 10-course "Double Luth" - d'apres Marin Mersenne (after M. Mersenne)

New! 6 Course Medieval lute after Gerard David

New! 7-C viola da mano with Ziricote multi-piece back and sides

New! Theorbo 76/140 cm 15 rib contrasting rosewood back with triple fillets spacers

New! 5-C Medieval lute" 56 cm string length , Gabon ebony (blackest black) alternating with tiger maple back.

New! 7-C renaissance lute based on Venere

New! Traveling Musician 10-C Bass Lute/ 12-C single strung theorbo

New! 6 Course Vihuela in G. 60cm Brazilian Walnut back, sides, and neck. 20 year old Austrian Spruce top

New! 8-course lute own model Brotherhood of Maple #2 (Birds eye/Quilted Maple, American) 61cm mensur

New! 11-course lute after Laux Maler. 67cm mensur. Built for Miguel Yisrael of Paris, France.


Album by Miguel Yisrael

6-course vihuela 59 cm Mensur

14-course theorbo

15-course baroque lute built for John Schneiderman