Fronimo Quickstart Tutorial
By Kemer Thomson

Printing, Etc.

File MenuWe are almost complete with our Quickstart Tutorial. Printing is pretty straightforward: click on the Print icon Print , or use the main menu File->Print. Actually, there are a couple of refinements.

Print Preview Print Preview allows you to see how things will look before they get printed; if everything is okay, click on the Print icon in that window, otherwise you can exit.

Page Setup Page Setup lets you set the margins and also select whether you will print in portrait or landscape mode. Note that the margins are measure in millimeters, not inches.

You might wonder how I created a PDF file, found on the previous page. The answer is that I paid the big bucks to buy Adobe Acrobat software to do that; this is not built into Fronimo. However, there are free programs, such as CutePDF that allow you do the same.

Other things you should know

The best way to learn and master Fronimo is to start creating and editing your own tablature. If you have questions, there is a Yahoo!Group of users that can be found at If you have bugs, you can contact Francesco directly, but you want to make sure it is a bug, and not "operator error." Having been in the software business myself for 30+ years, I implore you to have as much supporting information as possible before you contact Francesco.

Be sure to check the Help File. This is easily accessed on the toolbar by clicking on Help or by pressing the F1 key. Be sure to read through this file: it's not very large and contains critical information. If you are wondering what something is and want to look it up quickly in the help file, click on Directed Help and then click on what you want information about: it will open up the help file if it is not already open and take you to the relevant section.

I hope this quick tutorial helps you get started. If you have corrections or suggestions for additions, drop me an email.

Kemer Thomson