Fronimo Quickstart Tutorial
By Kemer Thomson

Playing the Score

Fronimo will play a version of the tablature. The result, which is essentially expressionless is good for at least two things: providing a aural means of checking the notes and to give you a general sense for the piece.

Playing the piece is as simple as playing a CD. On the right hand side of the menu icon bar you will see the controls: Menu. The Four icons on the right control the playback.

To start playing from whereever the cursor is, simply click on the Play icon, Play. The difference between the next two icons, Pause Pause and Stop, Stop\ is that clicking the Pause icon the first time stops playback and clicking on it a second time continues playing from where you stopped, whereas if you have stopped using the Stop icon, you can reposition the cursor and press Play to start from that new position. So, if you want to start again from the beginning, click on Stop, then click on the first note in the score, then click on the Play icon.

Fronimo highlights each measure as it plays if Animate Playback is checked in the MIDI Options.

Midi OptionsUse the MIDI Options icon MIDI to contol playback speed and the playback sound. Fronimo defaults to an acoustic steel guitar sound, which doesn't sound very lute-like to me, so I always change the MIDI Patch to #47, the Orchestral Harp. This is saved with the section configuration data. Also, I like to click on the Play Course Octaves, which results in a little more realistic sound. (Actually, I find the combination creates a very attractive sound!)

You can create a MIDI file that you can play back through any MIDI program, such as QuickTime, and which you can embed in a Web page for playback. My only warning is, "let's not confuse this with a real performance!" Still, it can sound surprisingly good. To create the MIDI file, simply use the main menu File->Save As... You will get a popup window; will want to use the Save as type... and select MIDI Type 1 Files (*.mid).

An Example

Here is an example of the completed Narvaez Fantasia del quarto tono:

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